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It all stems back to the absolute love of flowers that our owner, Jess has.  From that love of flowers her business has bloomed into something that she never imagined.  Designing from her heart and not from the standard image that many have in their minds.  

In 2020, Jess put the plan to open a flower shop in motion.  From finding a storefront, to getting the supplies and more importantly getting our name out there!  We worked out of an amazing historical home downtown and from there everything took off!  We enjoyed our time on Main Street but with the lack of walk in business, we made the decision to move the business to our home just outside of town.  It was definitely a process but now we are fully up and running and business is great!  Our first year of weddings was amazing and this year has become pretty amazing as well.  We like to work "out of the box" and create unique designs that will leave you speechless.  Taking pride in every order that comes in and getting to know our clients is also a key part of our success.  Connecting with our clients, listening to what their needs are  and bringing their vision to life is an essential part of our service.  We hope that you become part of our ever growing floral family!

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